The Sons of Isaac by Roberta Kells Dorr

You will live the grand story of the descendants of Abraham in this capstone of the Roberta Kells Dorr biblical fiction series. This work is a new  title of Abraham’s descendants featuring Isaac’s sons, Jacob and Esau, told with the same critical eye and careful study Dorr is known for. In it, faith keeps Abraham from accepting the king’s daughter as a wife for Isaac, but fear almost keeps Rebekah from leaving her home to become Isaac’s spouse. When God tells Rebekah that she will bear Isaac twin sons and the youngest will serve the older, Jacob is skeptical. But that revelation will mark the lives of Jacob and Esau and influence generations to come.

This tale of family love, greed, jealousy, hope, manipulation, stubbornness, idol worship, famine, and faith in the one God, Elohim, is taken from the pages of biblical history but sounds like a headline from today’s magazines. It ends much like it begins, when Jacob blesses two of his sons, Manasseh and Ephraim, saying that the younger will become greater than the older, a theme that is seen throughout The Sons of Isaac.

My Thoughts

I have read this series as each book was published, enjoying the cultural and historical research this author contributes to her work.  She makes her characters come to life and writes between the lines of Scripture, bringing understanding to the way ones lived during Biblical times. 

I was most fascinated by the ways in which the children of this time honored and respected their father.  Even though they left the family circle for a time, or disagreed, they returned to honor him
and show respect. 

I enjoyed seeing love blossom between Isaac and Rebekah as she left her entire family to become the wife of a total stranger.  God was an unknown in much of the world at this time, but those who believed in the one true God had great faith, demonstrated throughout their lives.

This book, and any by this author, come highly recommended by this writer.  She will enlighten you and her writings will reveal details of the lives led by these fascinating characters like only Roberta Kells Dorr can do.

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About The Author

ROBERTA KELLS DORR is the author of seven books: six novels, one biography. She majored in creative writing at the University of Maryland and received her master’s in Religious Education from the Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. For seventeen years Dorr lived in the Middle East as the wife of a busy missionary surgeon and the mother of five children. On her return to the United States she carried with her the manuscript of the first novel she had written and researched extensively over the years. She claimed that the years in the Middle East, the exposure to their culture, and the experiences she had while there profoundly influenced what she wrote.

Thank you to Moody Publishers and River North for a free copy in exchange for my honest review.