Created For Influence by William L. Ford III ~ Book Review

The church today is uniquely positioned to influence the culture around her. But Christians are walking away from this opportunity, this responsibility, in favor of building a separate, “safer” culture of our own.

Yet we’ve been given the tools to break personal strongholds and change the course of nations. Now revised and expanded, Created for Influence, shows how you can do this–and transform culture right where you are. Sustained prayer can release kingdom influence everywhere, from your own home to governments and judicial systems. It can undo demonic assignments and break the bonds that hold lives and nations captive.

This revolutionary book is calling you from a spot on the sidelines to a position on the front lines. It’s for believers who are ready to join the fight and grip the heart of God in prayer.

“When Will began sharing with me the revelation God was giving him about influence, I knew immediately it would become a book. The material was far too rich and insightful not to be shared with a broader audience. You now have the privilege of partaking of this important and helpful information. The journey will be a pleasurable and fulfilling one!”~
from the foreword by Dutch Sheets, senior pastor, Springs Harvest Fellowship

About The Author

William L. Ford III, director of the Marketplace Leadership major at Christ For The Nations Institute, also speaks on intercession, unity, and revival. He is coauthor, with Dutch Sheets, of History Makers. Will and his wife, Dehavilland, live in Dallas, Texas.

My Thoughts

William L. Ford, in a gentle but straight forward message, shows the reader the subtle influences of life and culture that are pulling us away from all we could be as a mighty warrior on the front lines of  this spiritual battle.  He clearly states the change that needs to occur for God to use us as a tool in His hands.  The prayer of repentance following each chapter gives the reader an opportunity to immediately seek forgiveness for sins of allowing people, things, and attitudes to take the place of God in our heart and life.

I recommend this book to those who want to dig deep into their hearts, to weed out all that is hindering their walk with the Lord.  Whether our focus (worship) is on celebrity found in TV ministry, the spirit of Jezebel found in our local churches, allowing satan to deceive is into believing lies concerning the grace of God, or ignoring the Holy Spirit’s pleadings, I believe every believer would benefit from reading this might book. 

You can purchase it here.

Thank you to William L. Ford III and Chosen Books for a free copy in exchange for my review.