Being Church Doing Life by Michael Moynagh ~ Book Review and GIVEAWAY

Church is now a fluid concept, no longer identifiable by buildings and congregations on Sunday mornings. There is an increasing interest in new forms of church that address the different ways to meet the needs of specific neighborhoods and people groups.

In the UK, these new forms of church have been pioneered by the national Fresh Expressions movement, a remarkable initiative that has attracted widespread attention around the world. Author Michael Moynagh gathers his experience as a member of Fresh Expressions and distills it into practical and comprehensive advice on how to start and grow new churches—however small—in every context of life.

Based on the work in his seminal textbook Church for Every Context (SCM), this inspiring introduction to contextual church emphasizes practical aspects, telling many of the great stories that have emerged through practitioners. It will enthuse and help church leaders and individuals to start and develop these communities, and advise them on how to help them grow to maturity and become sustainable.

About The Author
Dr. Michael Moynagh is an Anglican priest and coordinator of The Tomorrow Project, which advises governments and businesses on future trends. He is a member of the national Fresh Expressions Team and author of several books including Changing World, Changing Church; emergingchurch.intro; and Church for Every Context.

My Thoughts

This is a fantastic book for anyone who is in need of inspiration for new ways to reach the unchurched.  This book is for those who want to minister as Jesus did, going into the niches and corners of our world to show The Way, The Truth, and The Life.   The author shares well over 120 stories of individuals who were led to begin “small groups”, “life groups,” or “Fresh Expressions,” as a means of sharing Jesus, a new style of church, to draw ones to the Lord. 

Although the author and I differ theologically, I believe this book has much to offer the body of Christ.  The local church must not change the message, but it must change the presentation of the Gospel.  As every facet of our life has become modernized, we must present His message in a current, or modern, way.  The mega churches around the world embrace this “thinking outside the box,” and there is growth.  New souls are added to the church.  Where the local body of Christ does not accept change, that body usually sees decline, even to the point of the church dispersing. We must be open to new ways to share the Gospel with the world around us.  This book will show you how.

Much of what the author presented, I have witnessed and participated in my own church fellowship.  If your inspiration has dried up or you are ready to begin a new (and maybe unusual) way of sharing your light to bring the world to the cross, be sure to purchase this book. 


I have 2 copies to give away.  The first two individuals requesting these copies will each receive one.  I will contact you and request your physical address.  This giveaway is open only to those living in the USA. 

I received this book in exchange for my honest review from Monarch Books.