The Book of Told – Mere Words by K. A. Gunn ~ Book Review

You have a combat position … in the battle of words between a master author—and his rival. An inconceivable setting. A discovery. A betrayal. A war. A forfeit. A modification. An unimaginable battle. From ancient history … to the Final Chapters.

“In The Book of Told, K A Gunn blends lived experience with metahistory, tragedy with punning, technology and theology. Her story has too much life in it to be simple allegory, and reads as an extended meditation on the phrase, ‘in the beginning was the Word.’ Literary criticism is turned inside out, and it is possible that your life might be also.” —Pastor R.D. Driver-Burgess, MTh

Brew discovers he is a single word in The Book of Told, written by an author he cannot see. This is the catalyst for a series of curious secrets, which draw him unwillingly into the greatest battle literarily fought—the Battle of Words. Sabotaged by a rival understudy within his own story, the author—Leonard Told—must use what Words he can to create the most powerful statement ever declared! Brew’s character must stand up to the rival’s genius and salvage Told’s reputation by garnering him all-time bestselling status.

What (kind of) word are you in this story?

About The Author

K A Gunn is an artist and a lover of history and the Word of God. Putting these together in a three-dimensional timeline gracing the ceiling of her home, she learned alongside her family the genius structure of the story that is being told right now. K A Gunn lives to praise God! She enjoys running, nursing, and lots of family time with her doctor husband and six children in the beautiful setting of her story—New Zealand.

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The theme is similar to life because the story encompasses the whole of history as far as we know it – and this creates many themes. It is complex yet very simple as well. It is mysterious in the beginning just as our world has been. The main theme is about God’s genius penmanship, which outlines his written answer to the problem of sin (entwine in the book) and his great invitation to reality. Another theme is that we are mere words within a preplanned plot, and that he told the story to his own characters via multiple clues throughout their lives. In fact, the characters came to realize that every single thing was a word that had come straight from the mouth of the author, except the one word Luman introduced – greed.
The story addresses evolution vs. intelligent design, predestination vs. freewill, addictions, grief, purpose and true sacrifice among many other things. The story has been described as an epic meditation on the verse ‘In the beginning was the Word…’ and I absolutely agree!
It is a tale of how great tragedy can turn to the fullest life, and of the depths an author goes to build in his characters a recognition of himself as they change throughout their story.” – KA Gunn

My Thoughts

Since Pilgrims Progress by John Bunyan, there has never been an allegory written that so clearly depicts the journey of a soul from birth, discovering purity and evil, choosing one’s road, and the passing into eternity.  The Bible says that Christ is The Word, God, existed in the beginning with God, gave life to all He created and brought light into the world. John 1:1-5.

What if the Word was not only a noun, but also a verb and an adjective? What if the Word who created all, also Told history, spoke it into existence with his breath, his voice, his being, speaking his power over all?

Words as:
“Let there be…”

“Rise and walk”

“Come forth…”

“It is finished.”

K.A. Gunn takes the reader into a deep journey with author Leonard Told and his jealous fallen enemy author Luman who also is writing his anti-history, giving all characters the opportunity to believe  truth or deception. Those reading this allegory also experience this same choice. 
As I read this powerful story, there were times I needed to close this book for a few hours to savor and absorb the words of truth as in this scene with Brew, the main character.
“Yes, Brew.” He (Told) turned to me again.  “All facades hiding my name will come down.  I am the antidote.  I am the tree of life grown from the seed that first had to die.  I am Told  -to write for the Untold.”
The eternal truths presented in this story will force you to meditate on the words of Told as well as the revelations of the characters as they decide whether or not to accept the words of Told. 
This book is not only for the follower of the Word (Told), but also for those following his enemy, (Luman).  The depth of this book will challenge the intellectually elite while sharing the gentle simplicity of the Told’s desire to simply become our all in all. 
I believe The Book of Told will become a classic in literary history, sharing its message for centuries to come.  Let The Book of Told write on your life to bring you closer to the Word in your story.

This book was presented to me by the author, K. A. Gunn, in exchange for my honest review.