Easter Stories and Prayers by Kathleen Long Bostrom

Celebrate the real meaning of Easter with your kids. This special edition of Little Blessings books includes four books in one: Who is Jesus, Why is there a Cross, What about Heaven, and What is Prayer.

Each title is designed to help kids learn more about Jesus and his sacrifice for us. This volume includes a special note from author Kathleen Bostrom on how to help kids understand the meaning of Easter and the good news of Jesus’ resurrection.

Full-color art of the adorable characters draws kids in and makes them want to hear the stories over and over again. Scripture references support each answer to the questions so parents can study more.

Make Easter about Jesus this season.

About The Author

Kathleen Long Bostrom is an accomplished author who has written numerous children’s books, including Sunrise Hill and Mary’s Happy Christmas Day. She lives in Wildwood, Illinois, with her husband and three children.

My Thoughts

This is an adorable book, written for children age 4-8 years old.  Although the illustrations appear more childish, as for a toddler, (illustrated by the same artist who illustrated the Care Bear books) the depth of the content is for an older preK or young elementary child.  The book is written poetically and prompts discussion between the reader and child.  There are many opportunities to impart knowledge into your child as you read through this book. 

As an educator in a Christian school, I am using this book as part of our morning devotions leading up to the Easter season.  It is allowing me to ask my students thought provoking questions and allow them to respond in their own words.  It is also encouraging them to ask questions about God, Jesus, and Heaven, some of which will need to be answered by God Himself. 

This is a beautiful hardbound book which will be able to be used for many years to come.  I encourage you to purchase copies for the children in your life as a gift in their Easter basket, a read aloud during family time, or use in your Sunday School class.

Thank you to author Kathleen Long Bostrom, Tyndale Publishing, and Tyndale Kids for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.