Finding Me by Kathryn Cushman

After her father and stepmother’s accidental death, Kelli Huddleston sorts through their belongings and learns a shocking secret. Years before, her father faked his death during a boat wreck at sea—and faked Kelli’s as well. He’d run from a wife, a son, and a daughter back in Tennessee, meaning Kelli has a family she’s never known.

She’s already cashed the payout on her dad’s life insurance check and looks at it as her ticket to a new life. The lure and puzzle of digging into this hidden past is too much to resist, and she soon finds herself in Tennessee. When the trip threatens to open doors to the past better left shut, and her plans for the future are threatened, Kelli must make an agonizing choice that will change her life forever.

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About the Author

Kathryn Cushman is a graduate of Samford University with a degree in pharmacy. She is the author of five novels, including Leaving Yesterday and A Promise to Remember, which were both finalists for the Carol Award in Women’s Fiction. She is also the co-author of Angel Song with Sheila Walsh. Kathryn and her family currently live in Santa Barbara, California. Visit her website at

My Thoughts

The title and cover of this fantastic novel captivated my interest.  Honestly, I could not wait for it to arrive.  Finding Me did not disappoint and was my first opportunity to read a novel from this author It will not be my last!

This novel, at points, is an emotional rollercoaster.  The author has that unique talent of pulling the reader into the main character’s world and presenting the plot through her eyes, heart, and emotions. The pain of uncovering the truth of  Kelli’s past left my heart ache.  The weeks following  Kelli’s decision to meld her life into the family and culture of her birth family kept me on the edge of my seat, reading as quickly as I could turn a page. 

The choice Kelli made in our online world was difficult, yet necessary, to uncover her truth.  I highly recommend this book.  The mystery, suspense, and strength of the main characters will draw you into this story. 

Thank you to Kathryn Cushman and Bethany House for an opportunity to receive this book in exchange for my honest review.