Dare To Answer by John Busacker

“DO YOU TRULY LOVE ME?” is only one of the questions Jesus asks.
When Jesus asked a question, the answer was seldom easy and often life-changing. These eight questions, from “Why are you so afraid?” to “Do you truly love Me?” will challenge anyone who is willing to answer. Each chapter engages and encourages the reader to think and see how much more there is to be found in a deep relationship with the Savior.

This book addresses 8 key questions that God is helping define for our life. It’s not a book on answers. Rather it’s 8 key topics that will cause readers to seek out: Direction in guiding us through pivotal life stages. Providing security. Avoid hitting rock bottom. God’s overall plan for my
life and other key issues that drive our focus and attention. 8 Questions Only You Can Answer is the counter balance to society’s answers on how to live, current conditions, and how to live and how to get through life especially when we don’t know where to turn or more importantly how to
get through it—whether the normalcy of life or extreme challenges stretch us beyond what can handle.

About the Author

John Busacker is President of The Inventure Group, a global leadershipconsulting firm, and Founder of Life- Worth, LLC, a life planning creative resource. He is a member of the Duke Corporate Education Global Learning Resource Network and is on the faculty of the University of Minnesota Carlson School’s Executive Develop Center. His travels have taken him to six continents as a sought-after speaker on self-leadership and personal engagement with a who’s who of global organizations. He lives in Excelsior, Minnesota.

My Thoughts

“Slow down. Be graceful with yourself. Live into the questions without having to know all of the answers.  Enjoy the wild ride of a deepening faith that is drawing you closer to the One who risked everything to call you His friend.” ~ John Busacker

The author challenges the reader to reflect upon our lives and walk with Jesus, asking us to look deeply into our hearts to ask if we are willing to seek and walk a meaningful life with our Lord.  Each chapter concludes with a three step process of reading Scripture,  reflecting on the deep questions he has posed, and ways to respond to draw our loves closer and in line with God’s individual plan for our lives. 

The introspection of this book is challenging.  You will be changed.  God draws us to Him in many ways, using various tools.  I believe this book is one such tool. 

The eight questions posed would be an excellent series for a book study, life group, Sunday School, or sermon.  The personal reflection that this book will ignite will not be quickly difused, but will hopefully spur a forest fire of desire to be more like the Master.  I highly recommend this book!

Thank you to John Busacker and Worthy Publishing for a free copy in exchange for my honest review.