Receive Free Books In Exchange For Your Reviews

Do you love books as much as I do? 

Do you have a blog where you post regularly?

Would you like to receive books at no cost to you?

Being a blog book reviewer may be for you!

I always have a book with me.  I find myself waiting for appointments, waiting on my husband or children, waiting for something to come out of an oven, or taking advantage of that lovely back porch and back yard hammock. These are perfect moments to open a book and read a few chapters.  ( I often hope an appointment is delayed so that I can dive into the current book I am reading.  Seriously!)

Since a small child, I have been an avid reader.  I enjoy the mental vacations to other lands, learning about the lives of historical figures, and gleaning the wisdom of others who share their knowledge of God, cooking and decorating techniques, or how to have a healthier life.  If you regularly read this blog, you know that I review a wide variety of books and also review children’s books.

I am selective in the books I review.  If I do not enjoy the subject matter,  I will not request the book.  It is my choice what books I review.  I have made a personal choice to not review books laced with profanity, written pornography, or dark subject matters such as demons/ vampires.  (As a follower of Jesus, what I allow to enter my mind must agree with what my heart believes.)

Each publisher or promoter has their own review policy which the reviewer must follow.  You will need to post your review in a timely matter or within the dates of the book review tour.  Usually this is communicated through an email.  Sometimes, a blogger has the opportunity to offer a giveaway.  The mailing of the winner’s copy may be at the promoter’s expense or the blogger’s expense.  Find out this information  prior to offering this giveaway as part of your post.

Blog book reviewers are also required to post their reviews on a book retailer’s sites such as CBD, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.  In addition, you can post a link to your review on facebook, twitter, and pintrest, which in turn will send traffic to your site. 

It is a wonderful day when I receive a comment from an author thanking me for the review I wrote for their work.  Sometimes this is through a blog comment, through twitter, or just linking my review to their site.  It is always an honor!

Once in a blue moon (a rarity) I read a book that I just do not enjoy.  I do my best to find something that I can positively promote about that work.  I always blog with integrity and  honesty in my review, and do my best to be kind.  We all have different tastes, likes, and dislikes.  Remember you are reviewing the entire book.  Honestly review the plot, the setting, and the quality of writing.

On the right side bar of this post, you will find widgets which I created or downloaded from the publisher, linked to a blogger sign-up form to become a reviewer. Please feel free to view some or all that you would like to consider. 

Do you have any book review sites you’d like to share with us?

Are you an author who is self publishing?  (I would love to read your work! Please see this page to contact me located under the header!)

Please leave a comment with the information.

If you enjoy reading, writing, and have a blog, consider becoming a book reviewer.  There is a genre for you!  The world is waiting to read your honest thoughts!

                                                            Happy Reading!

                                                            Mrs. C   


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