I Died Last Night by John Orr


Where would your soul be if you died right now? Chances are, it’s not what you think. This is a fictional story of a leader in a conservative church as he takes his journey into eternity. Bible teaching, writings from early Christians and true events form the foundation of this story. But this book is more about your affection than your direction, because what you think will determine your journey in the afterlife.

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About the Author

John Orr attended Abilene Christian College and the Preston Road School of Preaching. He has preached for over 35 years and currently serves as the evangelism/outreach minister for the Faith Village Church of Christ in Wichita Falls, Texas. He and his wife, Susie, have five children and seven grandchildren. His greatest desire in life is to serve the Lord and help as many people as possible be with the Lord forever.

My Thoughts

This powerful novella is based on the scripture Luke 16:19-31, the story of the rich man, thinking he would end up in Heaven upon his death.  It is a small book that will ignite your conviction and fire to witness and follow Jesus, as well as share with those who have not decided to make the decision to accept Jesus as the only way of salvation

I Died Last Night will cause you to reconsider your lack of conviction and dedication to following Jesus and hopefully open your eyes to areas where you are lukewarm in your walk with the Lord. The main subject of this story, a deacon, shares his thoughts from his first person point of view.  His belief in the messages from a liberal pastor, his personal views of sins, now not really being sin, his lack of helping the least of these, his rejection of those who tried to share the message of the cross contributed to the place he eternally ended .

The message of this book is completely based on scripture and shares that if we follow Jesus, if we accept His as our Lord and Savior, we will do as He commands.  If not, then we are not His.  I Died Last Night is a powerful tool to share with the body of Christ, and with your world.  It is a wake up call to examine your life, be certain that Heaven is your destination, and begin anew to walk in His way.

Thank you to John Orr and Book Crash for a free copy in exchange for my honest review.