The Irresistible Community by Bill Donahue

Donahue_IrresistibleComm_wSpine.inddWe all want a place where our stories matter, our voices are heard, our uniqueness is celebrated, our failures are embraced, and our hopes are unleashed. That kind of deep, life-changing community was modeled perfectly by Jesus and the ragged bunch of disciples with whom he chose to spend his time. But how can we create it in our lives?

Using the relationship of Jesus to his disciples in the upper room, Bill Donahue presents a simple but compelling approach to community life that was modeled by Jesus and offered to us all today. Using a table, a towel, and the truth, Jesus created an “irresistible community” where everyone finds a place to belong, live fully in the truth, and serve others with joy. Foreword by Dr. Henry Cloud.

About the Author

Bill Donahue is an associate professor at Trinity International University and a popular conference speaker. The author of more than a dozen books with sales over 550,000 copies, he is former director of leadership development and group life for the Willow Creek Community Church and Association. He lives in Illinois.

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My Thoughts

Author Bill Donahue calls for the body of Christ to enter into a three dimensional relationship with those in our lives, and those who we encounter for a brief time.  He uses this connectedness in these visual illustrations:

Fellowship of the Table

We have the opportunity each day to learn more about each person who enters our lives by gathering around a literal table; coffee, food discussion, or a figurative table where we can find community; taking a break, discovering ourselves, sorting through problems, and finding deeper connection.

The Ministry of the Towel

In growing deeper into community, we discover ways we can minister to others, whether it be symbolic or literal.  The giving of ourselves and reaching out to others brings them into our community, brings personal happiness, and permits us to be the visual church.

The Circle of Truth

To reach truth in connecting, we need to avoid judging, preaching, minimalizing, spiritualizing, and summarizing.  I stead, ask for the Holy Spirit’s wisdom and timing.  The author also asks us to examine ourselves to see if we have a false view of ourselves and others.

This book forces the reader to examine their life to see their weakness, areas of lack, and discover ways to improve and strengthen ministry and areas to further connect with their table, their world.

I encourage you to purchase this book to use personally, as a text for a life group, Bible study, or for church ministry leaders.

Thank you to the author and Baker Books for this free book in exchange for my honest review.