No Reserves, No Retreats, No Regrets by Ed Erny ~ Book Giveaway

51CgSj9w2GL._SX321_BO1,204,203,200_My life story begins with a preacher who, by the leading of the Spirit, refused to end a service until my father, a successful businessman, had given his heart to the Lord. I eventually followed in my father’s footsteps into full-time ministry, but only after overcoming self-doubt and self-consciousness in my ability to share the gospel.

God took that doubt away when a young man gave his heart to the Lord after I told him about Jesus. From that moment on, in Taiwan, the Philippines, and other places where I served, I saw the tremendous hand of the Lord at work as I allowed Him to lead and work through me. My desire is that you will be inspired and motivated to serve the Lord as freely and willingly as I was privileged to do for many years. May you, by God’s grace, determine to live with no reserves, no retreats, and no regrets.

About the Author

Ed Erny and his wife, Rachel, served as One Mission Society missionaries for more than forty years. They served in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. Dr. Erny graduated from Asbury University and Asbury Theological Seminary and received an MS in journalism from UCLA. In 1987, he was awarded an honorary doctorate from his alma mater, Asbury University. Dr. Erny passed away in October 2013.

My Thoughts

This book is the autobiography of the life of a true servant of God, a missionary who surrendered and devoted his life so that others may know the Gospel.  He allowed God to use him in a tremendous way, and his wife reveals more of the last of his life through the epilogue.

This book will bless your life to give you more zeal and power to share God’s word with all who come into your path.  Although it is about the first 23 years of his ministry, his widow plans to release additional volumes which Ed Erny wrote before his death.  Seek these additional volumes as I am sure they will enhance your life.

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