The Salt Covenants by Sylvia Bambola

51Wg3cm6vfL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Spain 1493: Isabel has broken her mother’s heart by becoming a sincere convert to Christianity. But when she is noticed by Friar Alonso at La Casa Santa, the Holy House, she is forced to flee the Inquisition by entering into a loveless marriage and sailing with Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to the New World. But all too soon Isabel is forced to struggle alone in her new life and new faith. With all the risks and hardships how is she to survive? And will she ever find love in this strange land? And what of the dangerous Enrique Vivar? Will his hidden agenda cost her her life?

About the Author

Born in Romania in 1945, Sylvia Bambola lived her early years in Germany. At seven she relocated with her adopted family and saw the Statue of Liberty and America for the first time. But the memory of those years in Germany inspired her to write Refiner’s Fire, which won a Silver Angel Award, and was a Christy Finalist. Her frequent moves as an “army brat” gave her an opportunity to see America and fall in love with her new country. Bambola has authored six novels, has two grown children, teaches women’s Bible studies, loves gardening and is learning the guitar.

My Thoughts

This author’s work is well researched, adding little known details to this novel about one woman’s life during the lifetime of Christopher Columbus.  The main character received persecution as part of the Inquisition and because she was a Jew, eventually being forced to leave and come to the New World.  She experiences many ups and downs which the author shares in vivid, picturesque detail.

The cover of this book needs to be updated.  The photography seems to be photo shopped and done poorly. My other complaint is that there are three Isabel’s which causes some confusion while reading this novel.

If you are a lover of history, a student, or desire to read an exciting novel about this period purchase this book here

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