Four Secrets to a Forever Marriage: Marriage Tips from a Not-So-Perfect Husband by Michael Letney

41jlu6W-fXL._SX343_BO1,204,203,200_Good marriages don’t just happen.

So what makes a marriage work? Not just for the honeymoon, but for a lifetime?

Is there a secret to the elderly couple, who are sitting on the park bench, still holding hands after fifty years of marriage? The answer is yes.

Author Michael Letney, shares his story, his mistakes, and the secrets he’s learned that are essential to any lasting relationship. Marriage, like the tiers of a wedding cake, requires a solid foundation to support the layers on which the couple can stand firm through life.

Your happily ever after awaits.

The secrets to a marriage of Transparency, Truth, Trust, and Unity are not just for some-they are for you. Learn what makes a relationship not only persevere through the most difficult challenges, but also grow to deeper love, commitment, friendship, and unity.

This is the perfect book not only for newlyweds, but for those who want to deepen their relationship and strengthen their marriage…and for those who are ready to call it quits. It’s never too late.

About the  Author

Michael Letney is a Business Entrepreneur, Jewelry Designer, and Artisan of many inspirational sculptures. He is the creator of The Unity Cross, The Unity Heart, and the designer of Christian inspirational jewelry.

His Unity Cross and Unity Heart sculptures are used as the centerpiece in many weddings today demonstrating the two becoming one and is a keepsake displayed in the couples home.

He has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years and holds 5 Patents and multiple Trademarks in the product industry.

Michael has been married to his wife, Barbie, for 29 years, has two married children, and grandchildren.

Michael and Barbie make their home in Oklahoma.

My Thoughts

This beautiful hardback book would be a perfect gift for that couple getting married, an anniversary gift, a text for your couples class or life group, or a read together book for you and your spouse.  It is simply written with the author sharing many life experiences from his marriage.

The author writes that when we purpose to live together in a secretless marriage, we will be unified while constantly working to maintain that position. He desires his book to be a text to be used to evaluate, correct the course, and remain intact in our marriage.  The evaluation questions at the close of this book will cause each couple to dig deep to honestly answer and seek areas to improve their relationship.

I encourage you to purchase this book for you and your spouse or the newly wed couple in your life.

Thank you to the author and Worthy Publishing for a copy in exchange for my honest review.