Still Restless by Jan David Hettinga


Still Restless relates good news: God has always had time for honest seekers, even when they have hard questions or objections for Him. The proof is in the life of Christ. Jesus met for one-on-one conversations to share the way to truth and life, and He rarely used the same approach twice. The gospel is designed for everyone, no matter one’s experiences or personality.

Jan Hettinga walks through these gospel encounters to demonstrate how talking with Jesus is a good thing to do, particularly in today’s fast-paced modern world. Conversations with Christ lead to a spirituality that shuts down evil and empowers good. They produce a faith that surrenders control right from the beginning, embracing the relief of following a leader who cares for you.

What would you give to travel back in time to make an appointment with Jesus, to talk to God in flesh and ask your questions face-to-face? Hettinga uncovers the path to that opportunity today. Get ready for the conversation of a lifetime and a manager you can trust completely.

About the Author

Jan D. Hettinga is pastor of leadership development at Cascade Community Church in Monroe, Washington, and pastor emeritus of Northshore Community Church in Bothell, Washington. He is also founder of the Northsound Church Planting Network in Seattle, and currently serves as chair of MissionsFest Seattle. Hettinga’s previous work includes Follow Me: Experience the Loving Leadership of Jesus.

My Thoughts

The author takes the reader first through the ways we show our restlessness with God and our lives. Secondly, he takes the reader on a path to bring an end to restlessness and the beginning of peace. This is an easy to read yet detailed book on a subject that every unbeliever is dealing with and most Christians deal with, especially during times of crisis and tragedy. The author urges the reader to place all trust in an all knowing God Who created us, knows us, and loves us.

This book comes with a study guide which would make it an excellent tool for Sunday School classes, small groups, personal Bible study, youth groups, or as a literature study in your home school. I highly recommend this book if your heart is seeking peace. Whether you are a seeker, or a believer, you will benefit from this book.

Thank you to Jan David Hettinga and Kregel Publications for a copy in exchange for this honest review.