Your Story Matters by Emra Smith


We all have stories. Our big stories reveal the direction of our lives and all the things that inherently make up who we are, our personalities, skills, beliefs, fears, longings and experiences. But life is filled with our little stories as well. The everyday happenings that slip by almost unnoticed. It is the accumulation of our little stories that form our big stories. Here we are molded and prepared for the big things.

Do you believe that God is in all your stories? Do you know that your story matters because you matter to Him?

Let Him unwrap all you’ve hidden away, untie what holds you back, discard the unnecessary, keep the treasure, and remodel what is left. Will you allow God the honor to gently unlock your heart, story by story?

About the Author

Emra Smith is known as the inspirational challenger and is a Speaker, Author, Corporate Trainer and Life Coach for leaders to facilitate change. Emra is a Certified Coach through Coach Training Alliance. She has successfully completed Licensure and Specialty-Certification as a New Life Story® Wellness Coach. Her expertise in the psychology and neuroscience of coaching extends her considerable experience in Life Coaching. Emra is also a Facilitator for Identity & Destiny – Discovering God’s Purpose for your Life.

Emra started speaking and teaching as a teen in her church and continued to do so throughout her Marketing & Sales career. She became a Corporate Trainer in the Hospitality Industry and further specialized in Customer Service and various Human Resource training. Emra speaks to many various organizations, churches and wins numerous ribbons and contests at Toastmasters.

Emra started her own business and has differentiated herself through her unique and powerful inspirational speaking which is poured into any given topic or training. As the owner of her own training, speaking and coaching business, Emra brings her unique and powerful inspirational speaking style to every topic or training she delivers.

Emra facilitates discovering God’s purpose for your life and success strategies for daily living through her 5 life changing challenges. She loves working with leaders as she understands the needs and dynamics of leadership. Emra is passionate about assisting women who go through financial crisis in times of transition.

Emra’s story of living in God’s purpose for her life, as well as the stories of many inspiring women are told through her blog, in-box magazine and soon to be published book, Teatime Stories of Savannah. These are stimulating stories to stir your soul that will inspire you to be more, live more in your God-given purpose.

My Thoughts

In the first chapter of this book, the author shares her painful, heart wrenching testimony of how God brought her though childhood abandonment, loneliness, failed marriage, and restoration.

The following book is powerful encouragement to tell your story, pointing to God in the details of your life.  It is a short book which could be read on your lunch break, waiting for an appointment, or as a week of supplemental devotional material. I encourage you to read this little book if you feel an urging to share your life’s story with others through pen or speech.

Thank you to the author and Book Crash for a copy in exchange for my honest review.